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GlennGlenn Krancher



It's not IF I can help you, it's WHEN I can help you! What IS possible, what ARE the options? Problems are just obstacles, temporary barriers. When you move through life and experience these, you go around them, over them, under OR through them!

Every person is unique. We all have strengths and areas where we can improve. People with autism, Asperger, PDD NOS, ADHD or ADD are also unique. You are special needs people. You see and approach life in other ways just like we all do. Everyone processes information and communication differently.
How do I help people with Autism?

I will help you and the people around you in a restful way to more efficiently understand and deal with each other. It's frustrating when you're not understood, isn't it? Wouldn't it be nice that when you had an interaction with someone that there were less misunderstandings? Wouldn't it be better that when there are misunderstandings (and there will be misunderstandings for sure!), that you have the tools and support and are able to, with as little frustration as possible, get your point across? The first step is to recognize your qualities. What are and how do you use those qualities best? I help you see them and use them to get the most out of your life. I do this by actively listening to you and first try to understand and then to be understood. To act as a go between you and the world around you.
Life coaching / Job coaching

Not only will I help you have better quality of life with your day to day activities but at your job too. Some of our many characteristics we have, aren't always a good thing at the work place. Want to sit alone and be by yourself, you're sometimes called a loner. Rather have little interaction with others and just want to do your job, sometimes you are seen not as a team player. Let me show and help you, your team, and your employer, how we can benefit from each other. Focusing on our individual strengths and working on things we can improve for the benefit of all those around us.
Work experience/background

I have more than 20 years of coaching experience here and in America. I have worked for small and large companies, commercial and non-profit, also served my country in the military and I have my own business. I have had the opportunity to have been trained in communication and active listening skills, coaching for impact and the art of massage. With these skills we can create a better quality of life for and with each other.

I work closely with the UWV and with my fellow iQ Coaches, my wife Nancy Heim-Krancher and Hermen Vlothuizen.
My specialty

I am 100% me and motivated to help people no matter what color, gender, religion, or handicaps. I am HIGH on life and want to get as much out of it as possible and help others to do the same. I do this in different ways. One way is by outdoor exercise. I fully enjoy nature and do boot camp style training and running every week. I also do one on one physical training which includes the connection between body and mind.

Come join me in our journey of creating the life that we desire and deserve!

Om je nog beter te kunnen begeleiden werk ik met "Wat werkt" Dit is een praktisch hulpmiddel onder andere voor mensen met autisme op school, stage, werk of in hun leefomgeving.

Persbericht "Hoe dan wel?"


hoe dan wel1

Vrijdag 24 november jl. ontving Swanet Woldhuis, directeur NVA,tijdens het drukbezochte jaarcongres van de NVA in het Beatrixtheater in Utrecht, het eerste exemplaar van het boek van Herman de Neef getiteld ‘’Hoe dan wel?’’.

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